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Less than 20 Days Left!

Dr. Cynthia Lee Clark, Psy.D, MH

“Delightful and

engrossing. Enjoyed it."

-–—Cynthia Lee Clark, Psy.D,

MH, Futures Mostly Mystery Magazine about my novel

Blood on the Chesapeake launches in under 20 days—April 10. Just for fun, we’ve installed a countdown clock to the precise time when readers can order my new novel. Check it out

Or, if you can’t wait, you can pre-order the novel right now with this link.

That way you’ll be among the first to get a copy.

In the meantime the great reviews keep rolling in, this time from the industry. A little more of Dr. Clark’s comments on Blood on the Chesapeake:

“Randy’s descriptions are vibrant

and made me feel like I was in this

charming, quaint time. He has

woven a thrilling whodunit with a

supernatural edge.”

Perhaps a brief explanation might help.

Before a novel is released, recognized authors will sometimes offer reviews of a book of a fellow writer in advance of the publication. But right around the time of the release, reviewers from the industry weigh in on a newly published book, adding their opinions. Earlier this month, the first such industry review of Blood came in from the Futures Mostly Mystery Magazine. Guest reviewer Cynthia Lee Clark obviously appreciated being one of the first to read and review Blood on the Chesapeake. Take a look at her entire review. Here’s the link:

(click the button to visit review)

Another successful writer gives his assessment of Blood on the Chesapeake:

"A page tuner!"

-James R. Benn, author of the popular Billy Boyle historical mysteries also seems to enjoy Blood on the Chesapeake

Now doesn't that make you want to Pre-Order???

<------- Click the button!

Here’s his whole review:

“Blood on the Chesapeake is a spooky, atmospheric mystery set in a haunted high school, featuring an even more haunted protagonist investigating deaths past and present. A page turner!”

James R. Benn’s Billy Boyle series follows a young detective around the battlefields and war rooms of WWII, through battles famous and obscure. His series now includes 13 entries, with the 14th due out in September. If you haven’t yet discovered Jim Benn’s great historical mysteries, you’re missing some incredible reads. He wraps his mysteries in the excitement, heroics and horrors of WWII. In his stories, readers are dropped onto a South Pacific Island or snuck into a chateau in France during the resistance or parachuted into a “neutral” Switzerland. Through the magic of his words, readers get the chance to stroll on a beach with JFK, huddle down in a tunnel while the Gestapo searches above or survive a plane crash in occupied Germany. Great rides along with intriguing whodunits. Check out his books for yourself at his website.


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