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Blood on the Chesapeake

Recent Praise for "Blood on the Chesapeake"

“For those who enjoy a mixed bag in the books they read, Randy Overbeck has performed a nifty literary feat. Within a web woven of threads from a number of genres—a bit of romance, a lot of mystery, and a good deal of old-fashioned ghost whispering—he’s written a pretty solid social commentary.  BLOOD ON THE CHESAPEAKE is a tale to be savored in a darkened room, with an eye to all the possibilities lurking just out of sight.  The first of three in a projected trilogy, it’ll be a hard wait for the books that follow.”


— Novelist William Kent Krueger


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Praise for "Leave No Child Behind":

“Frank and gritty…a story ripped from the headlines.”

–Amelia Robinson, Dayton Daily News

“…a fast-paced thriller that weaves the economy, international terrorism and
homegrown heroism into a telling tale”

—Sofia Burgess, Wilmington News-Journal


“This novel) makes a very powerful statement…”

—Vick Mickunas, “The Book Nook” WYSO, NPR Dayton

Leave No Child Behind

The first terrorist to be executed in the United States. A terrorist cell smuggled in to free their “brother.” A resourceful high school teacher and her volunteer. In a small, Midwest rust-belt town, these characters collide in an unsettling, frighteningly believable story of danger, human
tragedy and redemption.


With the tales of the ISIS terrorist group and far too common shootings in schools across the country, this novel—though released several years ago—could not be more timely. And its
tale of one determined teacher and her friend protecting their students could not be more timeless. Critics and readers agree Leave No Child Behind is “a page-turning suspense thriller that will leave you wanting more!” Click her to read more reviews of the novel. Insert link here
to page of full reviews.


Like to read an excerpt from the book? Click here to see what you think. 

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