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Leave No Child Behind

What would you do if you were a normal high school teacher and a terrorist cell invaded your building, holding you and hundreds of students and teachers hostage? Dee Sterber, high school teacher faced this challenge and had only seconds to decide what to do.

On a quiet day in late October, only hours before the scheduled execution of Assad Akadi, condemned terrorist, in the nearby maximum security prison, a small terrorist cell takes her high school hostage in a daring attempt to free him. To demonstrate their commitment, they execute two teachers including Dee Dee's best friend, Christie Ferguson.

Dee Dee is stunned, but furious. She decides she must do something.
But she's not alone. A student mentor, Jerod Thomas, former navy seal, is volunteering in her classroom during the attack. Working together, Dee Dee and Jerod develop a plan to confront the terrorists, one by one, in the darkened corridors of the high school. But, even with Jerod's unique skillset, can they get to the intruders and save the hostages before the terrorists blow up the school?

"Frank and gritty...a story ripped from the headlines" --Amelia Robinson, Dayton Daily News
"A fast-paced thriller that weaves the economy, international terrorism and homegrown heroism into a telling tale." --Sofia Burgess, Wilmington News-Journal
"A page turning suspense thriller that will leave you wanting more! Action-packed with a pace that's absolutely perfect." --J. Weaver,

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