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Book Club Visits—Live or Virtual

  • Are you in a book club?

  • Would your members like to talk with an actual author and ask those burning questions?

  • How did you come up with that murder?

  • Why did you choose that ending?

I’ve spoken with several book clubs and I’ve enjoyed every encounter. If your group selects one of my novels and would like to discuss it with the author (me!), I’ll do my best to oblige. From my calendar, you can see I travel a good bit. In the last few years, I’ve traveled to ten states to talk about my books. If I can arrange an in-person visit, I’ll do it. If not, we can meet vis Zoom. Just choose one of my novels as a future club selection and reach out to me to set a date. Plus, I’ll send you a book club study guide for your selection.


Multi-Media Group Presentations

Is your group or organization looking for an interesting program from a dynamic speaker? I have shared my presentations with hundreds of clubs, organizations, groups and gatherings over the last few years, always to great response.

Here are a few comments about my recent presentations:

“This was definitely my favorite program of the year.”—Katherine Harrison, Wilmington (OH) Rotary


“Your talk was just fabulous, so much fun, so intriguing and so engaging!”—Laura Fanning, Dayton Woman’s Club

“A great and exciting presentation…drew the attention of every member and guest.” Wally Yazbak, Galleria and NW Atlanta (GA) Kiwanis Club

"Your presentation was fantastic and I know the members enjoyed it.”—Duffy White, Hendersonville Rotary Club, TN

Over the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of sharing my presentations with various service clubs—Rotary, Kiwanis, Optimists, Exchange, Civitan—as well as library groups, senior citizens groups, college groups and retired teachers groups. 

Currently these are the programs I offer (without charge I might add).


Have you ever wondered if ghosts were real? Do most people really believe in ghosts?

In this interactive and multi-media presentation, Dr. Overbeck will address these and other questions about the spirit world. Based on the extensive research completed for his series, the Haunted Shores Mysteries, he will share the role ghosts play in our culture and religion, discuss why many educated people believe in ghosts and he will even unveil some authenticated photos and videos of documented ghosts. You won’t believe your eyes—or maybe you will.


This program features the stories of famous area haunts, interesting tales like the location of a mob execution, a gazebo a murdered bootlegger’s wife still frequents, and a famous building built on the graveyard of children—where some of the departed little ones still roam. Dr. Overbeck will also reveal some surprising conclusions about how spirits interact with the living, drawn from his research on ghosts. The program also features several more intriguing photos of famous ghosts to ponder.


But didn’t care enough to ask

Have you ever wondered what goes into making the book you bought off Amazon or loaded into your e-reader? This is a fun, interactive presentation which reveals some startling details about how and why books are published, just how many books are published each year, the reading habits of adults, and how much authors make from their books. Your members will come away with a new appreciation of how books get from author to reader.

If your group or organization is looking for a program your members will be talking about for weeks after, email me and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.


Upcoming Events

October 27--"A Few Favorite Haunts" @ Greene County Library, Fairborn, OH

October 30--"A Few Favorite Haunts" Eaton Rotary, Eaton OH

October 31--"Still Go Bump in the Night" @ Learning in Retirement, Miami U, West Chester

November 11--Book Signing, Mulberry Street Books, Lebanon OH

November 14--"Still Go Bump in the Night" @ Middletown Rotary, Middletown OH

November 28--"Still Go Bump in the Night" @ Hillsboro Rotary, Hillsboro OH

December 11--"Still Bump in the Night" @ Urbana Rotary, Urbana OH

November 1--"Still Go Bump in the Night" @ Harrison Kiwanis, Harrison OH

December 12--"A Few Favorite Haunts" @ Lebanon Kiwanis, Lebanon OH

March 6--"Still Bump in the Night" @ Friends of Northern Kentucky, Erlanger KY

October 3--"Still Bump in the Night" @ Shelby Co. RTA, Sidney, OH

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