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After years of imagining, creating and writing, months of revising,

massaging the text and working with the publisher, weeks of planning, organizing and delivering, I am thrilled to announce that Blood on the Chesapeake will be released on April 10!


Or don’t.

If you’re the type who can’t wait, believe it or not, you can pre-

order the novel today. Right now. Be among the first to get the

first edition of Blood on the Chesapeake, published by the Wild

Rose Press. Click here to go directly to Amazon to pre-order!


Another Great Review

for Blood on the Chesapeake:

The early reviews continue to come in, the latest from a well known thriller writer from the UK, Zoe Sharp:

"An absorbing and genuinely creepy debut

tale that will have you gripped to the final


by Zoe Sharp, author of the Charlie Fox series

There are already 12 books in this incredible series!

You may not have heard of her—she’s from across the

pond—but you should. Lee Child—you know, of the Jack

Reacher fame—called Zoe’s intrepid heroine, Charlie Fox, a

“female Jack Reacher.” Got your attention yet?

Check out her books here


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