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How About a GHOST Program?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Are you a member of a group or organization that is finally able to meet together, live and in person? It has been too long?

If your group or club or association is again hosting meetings and looking for an interesting program, I’d like to offer a suggestion—how about an intriguing program about ghosts?

In researching my Haunted Shores Mysteries series, I’ve discovered a good deal of fascinating information about ghosts, phantoms and spirits.

I’ve developed some of this research into two different presentations about ghosts and one may be just what your group might be looking for.

The first program is entitled Things Still Go Bump in the Night and it is an exploration of the role ghosts play in our society, from a critical element in our religions, to their predominance on television, even to famous persons who espouse belief in the spirit world. I also share some amazing photos capturing actual ghosts including a controversial video of a poltergeist haunting an elementary school.

Your members will be talking about the experience long after I’ve packed up and gone.

My second program about ghosts is called A Few Favorite Haunts. In this presentation, I share the history and stories behind some of the most famous haunted sites around southwestern Ohio as well as introduce members to some of the local ghost hunting groups.

I review several points of consensus about ghosts and the spirit world that I’ve learned from my research. I also treat members to a number of additional famous ghost photos taken over the past century. They won’t believe their eyes.

Both programs have proven to be very popular with clubs and organizations around the state and even the country. Overall, I’ve been asked to share my programs more than 50 times—both before and after the pandemic—in ten states and counting.

If your group is interested in booking a date, send me an email or simply post a request at the link on my website . At times my calendar gets busy—I have fifteen commitments already scheduled in the next six months—but I’ll do my best to accommodate requests.


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