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Updated: Apr 6, 2023

“Everything that goes around, comes around.”

As I mentioned in the latest episode of my podcast, GREAT STORIES ABOUT GREAT STORYTELLERS, Charles Dickens and his A Christmas Carol are credited with popularizing the concept that Christmas is about sharing your blessings with those less fortunate, not merely with family and friends. But there are so many needy and deserving organizations, it is difficult to sort out and prioritize. I’ve been inundated with email and snail mail requests from organizations near and far, many I know and some I’ve never heard of. I’ll bet you have as well. Even if you wanted to give a little charity, how do you decide?

Well, I’m devoting my December blog post again this year to recommending a few worthy and needy causes. for your considertion.

2022 again witnessed a great many catastrophic weather events, making the warnings of climate change look all too real. Across the country, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and forest fires have ravaged the land, wiped out neighborhoods and left countless homeless. Even as I write this , the news reports are rife with the devastation of December twisters in the South and a new winter storm barreling across the country threatening to uproot lives.

Front and center in this struggle is the RED CROSS. They provide money and support to those affected by these disasters. They even supply the critical blood supply to those in need both close at home and across the country. My suggestion of support this year for them is two-fold. First, if your means allow, please donate a few dollars to help them continue their vital work. You can click the link below to donate. Second, if you don’t already, please consider donating blood through them. I’ve been donating blood for over twenty years and each time I walk away feeling like I helped someone, even if a little light headed. And the need for blood always seems pressing.

This latest round of inflation, fueled by the twin drives of rising gas prices and pandemic hangover effects, is hitting many people very hard. The difficulties of the past few years have demonstrated how widespread the problem of food insecurity is for many people. This year has forced many to choose between medicine and food or rent and food. The pictures of long lines at food pantries and other food distribution locations saddens me. But the problem seems so large and pervasive, what can one person do about it?

Below I’ve included a link to FEEDING AMERICA, the organization of food banks that will forward your donation to the food bank in your town. It’s an easy way to make sure your dollars go the group in your town working to solve this problem.

No child should go hungry, especially at Christmas.

My wife’s recent health issues has made me aware of the trials, financial and otherwise, illness and disease can inflict on a family. While her struggles have upended our lives and altered our plans, at least our insurance have kept us from financial ruin. Throughout our latest struggle, I’ve thought how hard it would be without insurance, or God forbid, with a child was faced with such health challenges.

For all these reasons, my final recommendation for giving is ST. JUDE’S RESEARCH HOSPITAL for Children. (Did you know St. Jude is known as the saint of hopeless causes? How apropos.) The hospital’s policy of never charging parents for the live-saving health care for their children is remarkable and only possible because of the generous donations of others, like you and me.

Again, I’ve attached a link below to make it easy to give.

Whether you give to these worthy causes or others, I urge you, like the reformed Ebeneezer Scrooge, to think of those less fortunate and share your blessings with them.

May the Christmas season bring you peace and love and may you be especially blessed in the New Year!


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